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Nagai Farm engages in mixed farming to keep milk cows while growing fruit trees and vegetables centering on rice crop.
Moreover, we take a comprehensive approach, such as direct sales of farm products, development & sales of processed goods or our agricultural products plus added values.
It is our job to ensure to grow safe and delicious farm products and deliver them to our customers.

Nagai Farm is located in Tomi-shi (former Tobu-machi and former Kitamimaki-mura), Nagano-ken.
The area is a southern slope extending north of the Chikuma River and it is said to be among the areas with the smallest annual precipitation in Japan.
In addition, utilizing its nice climate with an annual sunshine of 1,805 hours, it is active in cultivation of paddy rice, fruit trees or highland vegetables and dairy farming.
Above all, it is one of the country's largest Kyoho producers.
Due to small amounts of rain, illness and insect damage occur hardly, enabling cultivation with little pesticide.
And the blessings of the Sun make crops rich in taste and density.

Nagai Farm is a farm based on "mixed management" of rice field and dairy.
Feeding milk cows with rice straw, ripening their excrement for one year, and returning it to rice field, a recycling agriculture is practiced.
Self-supplied from our own farms, we can use low-pesticide feed of good quality and organic fertilizer in plenty.
It is possible to make safe foods using the latest equipment in a traditional way based on the natural providence.

Nagai Farm's direct outlet "Pure Milk Gelato Nagai Farm" in Karuizawa produces and sells gelato which contains homemade vegetables and fruits and fresh milk sent directly from our farm.
Since we would like it to be eaten freshly made, we do not provide it in the form of takeout or gift.
With milk, vegetables and fruits taken on that day, our customers can enjoy the very day's taste.
In order to represent very local savor of gelato and the real taste proper to farmers, we are also developing original flavors using asparagus, tomato, corn, etc. successively.

Location Hoshino Area, Karuizawa, Nagano-ken In HARUNIRE terrace
Opening hour 10:00 to 18:00